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Christian EDM Music?  

Christian EDM (Electronic Dance Music) or better known as CEDM is a subgenre of electronic dance music that incorporates themes and messages from Christianity. Just like in Christian hip hop, artists in Christian EDM use their music as a platform to express their faith, beliefs, and values through electronic music styles.

Christian EDM can encompass a variety of electronic music subgenres such as trance, house, techno, dubstep, and more, each with its own distinctive sound and rhythm. What sets Christian EDM apart is the focus on incorporating Christian themes, messages, and sometimes even explicit references to biblical verses or teachings in the music.

Similar to other Christian music genres, Christian EDM artists create music that reflects their personal faith journey, experiences, and relationship with God. They often infuse their tracks with uplifting melodies, positive lyrics, and messages of hope, love, and spiritual growth.

Just as Christians can listen to hip hop or any other genre of music, they can also enjoy Christian EDM if it aligns with their musical tastes and spiritual beliefs. Like with any music, it's essential for listeners to discern the content they engage with, ensuring that it aligns with their values and helps edify their faith.

I personally enjoy CEDM! Do you like CEDM? Let me know!

Can a Christian listen to Hip-Hop Music?  

Absolutely, Christians can listen to hip hop music! Music preferences are personal and subjective, and Christians, like anyone else, enjoy a wide range of musical genres, including hip hop. Many Christian individuals appreciate the artistry, rhythm, and creativity found in hip hop music while being discerning about the lyrical content they consume.

It's important to note that hip hop, like any genre, contains a spectrum of themes and messages. Some hip hop songs may contain explicit language, violence, or themes that go against Christian values, so it's wise for Christians to be discerning in their music choices. However, there are also many hip hop artists who create music with positive messages, social commentary, and even Christian themes.

Over the years, the genre of Christian hip hop has emerged, blending the musical style of hip hop with Christian lyrics and themes. Artists in this subgenre create music that resonates with Christian listeners while still maintaining the rhythmic and lyrical qualities of hip hop.

Ultimately, whether a Christian chooses to listen to hip-hop or any other genre depends on their personal convictions, preferences, and the content of the music they are listening to. Many Christians find enjoyment and inspiration in hip hop music while also being mindful of the messages they are taking in.

Thoughts? Let me know.

What is Christian Hip-Hop?  

Christian hip hop is a subgenre of hip hop music that incorporates themes and messages from Christianity. As somone who grew up in the inner-city, Hip Hop was a huge part of my culture. Artists in the Christian Hip Hop subgenre often use their music as a platform to express their faith, beliefs, and values, blending hip hop rhythms, beats, and styles with lyrics that focus on spiritual and biblical based themes. These themes can include messages of hope, redemption, faith, love, and social justice from a Christian world view.

Christian hip hop can be diverse in its approach, ranging from artists who use language and imagery in their lyrics to those whose faith is more subtly woven into their music and message. Some artists may focus primarily on spreading the gospel through their music, while others address a wide range of social and personal issues from a Christian worldview.

Over the years, Christian hip hop has gained popularity and recognition both within Christian circles and in the mainstream music industry. Artists such as Lecrae, NF, KB, and Trip Lee have achieved success and have been instrumental in shaping the sound and impact of Christian hip hop globally. 

Were you impacted by a Christian rap artist? If so let me know in the comments below.

Creative Church Jobs? 

I have worked in creative ministry for a long time. I have previously been on staff at four different mega churches ranging from 6k-30k members, and I have also worked as a freelancer/contractor partnering with various ministries throughout the years. Are you a creative passionate about ministry? Do you use your art as a bridge to connect culture with the church? 

Are you considering applying at that one church or megachurch you follow on social media? 

Well… Here are my top 7 things to look for when applying and looking for a creative church job. These are things I have personally learned over the years. This is all major advice I wish I would of received before diving into the deep end of the church pool.

I know, this sounds super cliche and redundant. But I can't stress this enough, be sure you have a ministry call in your life, even as a creative, because the math will never make sense. Make sure you have a good foundation, a strong back bone, trust me, you will need it.

Find out what made the church successful in the first place, is it a megachurch? Why is it a megachurch in the first place? Was it built by a previous pastor? What is the church known for? Is it the current Pastors communication skills? Controversy? Love and community? The Holy Spirit? Politics? (yikes!) You'd be surprised what at a simple google search can do.

When negotiating a salary, be realistic, after all it is ministry. Make sure to ask questions and do your research beforehand. Watch out for churches that will make you sign contracts saying you cannot take on outside contract work for extra income. Unfortunately, I have met many (including myself) that took on an unrealistic low pay.

Make sure the church is interested in you and your art and they are not just trying to fill in a role. Sadly many churches and megachurches can operate more like giant corporations and will treat you like one as well.

If you are a minority, make sure you are not being hired to be the token. Many churches simply seek out the nearest minority to be able to call themselves “multi-cultural”. Yet have no desire to engage let alone learn anything about you or your culture. There is a huge difference between being celebrated and being tolerated.

Red flags are red flags! Don't ignore them, in fact, runaway as soon as you can! If the Pastor is taking trips to Disney World every week meanwhile you are being offered a below average salary then don't expect it to ever get better, it will only get worse (yes I saw this happen). Nepotism is real in the church world, if the 18-year-old pastor's son is getting paid enough to be driving a brand-new Range Rover to church only to fold baptism towels, (yes, I also saw this) then do like Joseph and FLEE!

Remember that one thing called “sabbath” that was inscribed in the tablets as commandments by God himself? Yeah, well for a lot of churches it only applies for the lead Pastor and his elected few. So, depending on which creative role you take on, make sure the church or megachurch has a sabbath culture, otherwise you will be worked until you are tired and burnt out only to be replaced by the next willing vulnerable young soul.


A couple of things worth mentioning.
This is strictly advice for people that would consider themselves professional and not for people interested in learning a trade, that would be an internship, which is an entirely different topic for an entirely different day.

Also, the reality is most churches that can afford a creative staff member are churches that are rather large and busy. So you really can't expect the church to spiritually feed you as a staff member. Make a plan and go find the spiritual refills yourself. Whether through small groups or even at an entirely different church. Yes, some churches are so big that you are not even required to be a member at that church. Insane? Perhaps, but it's the reality for churches in the USA.

Last but most certainly not least. ALWAYS STAY HUMBLE, ALWAYS BE COACHABLE. Believe big dreams, pray the impossible over your art. Now get out there and create something dope for the kingdom.

Thoughts? Questions? Let me know in the comments below.